Friday, August 19, 2011

A new beginning.

Hi. <3

I'm creating this for a great purpose. This is who I'm going to grow into being. This is where I'm not going to hold back on what I feel. This is where the truth will be spoken. Not that I don't say the truth, but sometimes I feel I have to omit certain things. I want to completely change my life once I ETS out of the Military.

I want to get the piercings & tats I've always wanted. I want to dye the tips of my hair. I want to be able to not worry about taking my nail polish off or having fake nails. I want to TRAVEL. I want to have a career in music. I want to go to concerts, parties, do crazy stuff, do things with people, do things by myself. Be the realest, most awesomest person I can be.

New York will always be home. My nest, if you will. But I want to explore the world. I wish I could explore space. I'm interested in so many things. I want to blog. Take photos. EXPERIENCE. I want to find someone amazing, romantically. Who knows. Maybe we've found eachother and don't know it yet :) I want to own certain animals. I want to build off my past dreams and breathe life into my new ones. I want to make money, but not for the purpose of having money.. to be able to enrich my life, and the lives of everyone around me. <3

I want to accept the people who hate me, bash me, condemn me, backstab me, cheat me, crush me, lie to me, look down on me, pity me, you name it. I want to gain the tools to never let a negative thing deter me from my dreams. I want them only to inspire me to keep going.

I have so much to offer. I don't want my illnesses to rule over me. I've already proven I can go toe to toe with them. Well, now I want to DEFEAT them.

I'm ready for the challenge.

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